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Just downloaded. If I set up my email adresses, it was crashing. It took just a few hours to Flexibits to solve the problem…very good performance. And the app now works perfectly and is beautiful and useful (as the iOS version, or better) !

Coulb be better

Nice Design. Good sync since last updates. Besides I suggest the following : to have the possibility to view the tasks sorted day by day more clearly. Today, the Reminders view is a list piling up tasks. Due dates are associated to tasks but it doesn’t give a clear overview of tasks splitted by dates. This is the way BusyCal is featuring tasks and it is far more insightful.


Editors should habe bundle formulas including iPad and /or iPhone versions when you try to buy Fantastical!

The Rolls Royce of Calendar Apps!

Easy, complete, practical, available on all devices, I think this is the one app that was thought out FOR the user to handle their appointments and events. I love how I can just dictate details and enter appointments without having to type anything. And no, I’m in no way affiliated with the editor or programmers of this app, I’m a satisfied user :)

Love it on iOS

And the Mac version is getting better with every update. Looking forward to 2.1 :-)

Really great App, especially for executives with loaded schedule

This is a really great App!! Really great layouts and organised screens. The only downside, it does not integrate with mail app, etc. Would love it to be able to click on a date in mail app and just have it in my calendar. Besides this, it’s great!

Good, except missing Exchange Features

Fantastical is a great calender which i love to use, but i has the very great problem of missing Exchange In and Outputs. If you add this, i would be so happy. :)

Beyond incredible and breathtaking!

From the menu bar app that changed the way Mac users create calendar events, to a full blown app, I am amazed at what Flexibits have created. For those who live and breathe their Calendar and Reminders, I cannot think of anything else that comes even close to what Fantastical 2 brings to the table. There are an overwhelming array of visual dleights that make this app a joy to use. The best natural language parsing engine, an incredible endless scroliing view, a brand new feature called calendar sets that allows you to see a customized grouping of different calendars and reminders lists, a location awareness in ‘calendar sets’ that can change what calendars and reminders are a priority based on where you are using your Mac, voice to text for fast event creation, a detatchable menubar window for fast entry, widget for notification centre, a new sharing and services extension, dark and light themes. I can go on and on. If you have never used Fantastical, or are on the fence about making the transition from the menu bar app to a full OS X app, head over to the Flexibits website and start your free trial. The price may come as a surprise for some, but I am happy to pay for this app as it is something I use on my Mac (and iPhone) every single day. Fantastical changed my productivity from day one, and they supported their first version for free for 4 years. I am happy to give these wonderful developers their asking price because it ensures we have such wonderful apps on the best platform. They raised the bar on the Mac and iOS to an even higher level, again. The expectational debt for the competition is going to be very high.

Crashes repeatedly while trying to set up access.

Will update this review if I can get it to run. Installed fine but on startup after the first account access is set up it crashes every time it starts, so I cannot add any more accounts and cannot get to the app itself. I liked Fantastical 1 but it lacked some functionality that 2 reportedly has, thus the upgrade. $45 is steep, so I’m hoping my issues are isolated and not representative of the norm. Again, will update this review once the app is up and running, or uninstalled and refunded.


Crashes during setup repeatedly on two computers. The app simply does not work. Unacceptable at this price. I am a happy owner of Fantastical 1 and while I was disappointed at the lack of upgrade pricing, I wanted to support what I thought was good software. That said, absolutely do NOT buy Fantastical 2 until an update comes out to fix the bugs.

It’s OK.

It seems to be OK. I don’t like that it didn’t auto import my accounts like many other software vendors do, and I don’t like how it’s seemingly hung on attempting to add an account that has a non-standard config and isn’t using HTTPS. It looks good, it does it’s job, but I can’t give it 5 stars off the bat because it’s currently lost functionality compared to the previous version (at least to me) Personally, I didn’t like shelling out the 45$ to find out that it’s not completely functional (able to add any caldav account) out the door, but I’ll be happy once it’s fixed. Please look into further bug fixes.

The Best Calendar App - Worth Every Penny

The new design is gorgeous. The functionality is better than ever. The real language creation is the best on the market. This is the perfect calendar app for me. It’s expensive, yes. Very expensive. But it’s an app that I literally use all day every day. And now I can have this gorgeous calendar open in its own space and use the new features like calendar groups. I will pay for well-designed and well-supported software that I use all the time, so I gladly forked out for this.

Yeah, pretty good. Needs work, though.

I like that it’s potentially a complete calendar replacement, with natural language and all the ususal Fantastical bits. Here’s what I urgently need updated: - control over event text size. In week view, I need to be able to read more info. - I’m experiencing some ‘misinterpretations’ in the natural language event creation field. Like I’ll use a specific way to denote events (starting with open-bracket) and then some of the text doesn’t end up in the event heading. - system-wide font choices, please! (Avenir) - kinda chugs along some times, so any further refinements would be appreciated. Thanks!


A great update to my favourite calndaring app.

v2: Insta-buy!

I loved v1 for Mac, and am in a committed relationship with v2 on my iOS devices so this was a no-brainer. Setup was seamless for me (even in v2.0) and its got a proud place in my Dock. I know the devs will most likely get pushback on the pricing but for how much I’m in my calendar this was a no-brainer; I’d rather the pricing be sustainable than see this become abandonware. PS - Some kind of integration with Things apps for to-dos would be super-awesome in the future, if at all possible!

Really nice!

When I first tried Fantastical 2 (free trial availabel on dev’s website) I thought “this is way too expensive for a calendar app”. It /is/ expensive for a calendar app. I liked it but deleted it and went back to Fantastical 1 and the stock OS X Calendar app. That lasted a few hours. So here I am spending $45 bucks on an expensive calendar app because the dev’s did such a good job on Fantastical 2 that they spoiled my previous setup for me.

Calendar done right!

I have never been so happy with a Calendar application! Calendar groups is a game changer for me - especially pared with location services. When I am at work I see my work calendar and when I’m at home all my meetings are hidden.

Powerful & Beautiful

The app is amazing and I did not mind spending the money for it. It’s a productivity app supposed to make you more productive to either make more money or save you time. I think it does its job really well, better than any other app on the market. I very much like the calendar sets, the full view and the side vew for all the reminders that are INTEGRATED into the app, so no need to use any other app for the reminders. It also offers to show the week numbers and I always enjoy the real language creation of new reminders and events. I switched off the Apple iCal and Reminders on all my Apple devices using just Fantastical on them - especailly now with the handoff - which btw. needs a bit of a refinement I think. I run a second monitor in my office displaying mostly just the app in full screen! Awesome! I also second most of the requests for updates and improvemens on the App Store. Pelase, listen to us users and finish your great job that we paid for. Thank you! One sentense sumary? - The app is very well designed to make your life easier.


I’m really picky about my calendar. I use it every day and have been using Fantastical on my iPhone for years. I’ve tried other calendars and this is the only one I will use. Fantastical 2 for Mac is gorgeous, syncs across all my devices and works perfectly. The ability to manage multiple calendars and sort them into sets is indispensable. If you’re not convinced, they have a demo version available on their website. This is definitely worth a try. I love it.

Fantastical 2 Lives up to It’s Name

I’ve been a big fan of Fantastical 1 for Mac for years and was happy to discover that Fantastical 2 is a major step forward, transforming Fantastical into a full-blown calendar app. I appreciate all of the thought that has gone into this product and find they strike a near perfect balance between aesthetics, usability and functionality. Among the many thoughtful additions are Calendar Sets and a clever sidebar that makes navigating and rescheduling a breeze. No doubt the folks at Flexbits have further enhancements in mind, but even in its current form, this app is worth of a five-star rating and well worth the premium price.

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